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Understanding Short Term Overload Ratings for Meter Socket Adapters

Basic Product Overview

In 1986, Meter-Treater, Inc. invented and patented the Meter-Based Surge Protective Device (SPD) that is being utilized across the country by Electric Utilities for Residential Surge Protection Programs.  The meter-based SPD is installed directly into the meter can and is in-series with the incoming service providing excellent control of incoming surge energy.   The Meter-Based devices are ANSI/UL Type 1 SPDs and are available only via the Electric Utility or with approval from the Electric Utility.  

If the Meter-Based SPD is unable to be installed on the residence the RCHW and MAP Series, both Residential/Commercial Hard Wired Protectors (ANSI/UL Listed Type 1 & Type 2 SPDs) are a great alternative as they are installed in parallel at the meter can or internally at any breaker, distribution or equipment panel.  The RCHW and MAP Series are capable of providing protection in commercial environments as well.  Additional hardwired commercial Panel Surge Protectors include the MPT, BPT and MST Series (ANSI/UL Listed Type 1 & 2 SPDs) which provide superb protection against surges. 

Low Voltage Surge Protectors (ANSI/UL Listed Type 4 SPDs) are configured for parallel or series installation and can be din rail or wall mounted.  Rated as Type 4 SPDs for all applications in Type 2 locations, the Low Voltage Data SPDs are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from the harmful effects of transients and RFI/EMI interference.  These SPDs are an ideal choice for incorporation into control cabinets.

The CLT Series, Coaxial Cable Surge Protectors Listed to UL497B, provides Bidirectional Transient Voltage Surge Suppression for Coaxial Applications such as video and data applications.  Models are available to protect CATV, SATV, CCTV, Digital Modems, Ethernet ThinNet (10 Base 2) and Arcnet.  The CLT SPDs provide protection against Transient Voltages that exceed nominal operating voltages.  Units are installed in series with the service line and can be either din rail or wall mounted.

Network Surge Protectors such as the CAT5e, CAT5 POE, CAT6, and CAT6 POE, works in series with the communications lines being protected by diverting harmful transient energies while maintaining a tight clamp at the peak voltage.  These Network SPDs, din rail or wall mounted, are designed to operate in a wide temperature range and are configured for 10/100/1000 Ethernet data or similar protocols.

Since Meter-Treater manufactures its own Quality Surge Protective Devices on-site at its factory in Lake Park, Florida, we are uniquely equipped to assist customers in manufacturing custom designs for specific applications.  SCADA, Water/Waste Treatment Plants, Industrial Control, Security, and Campus Environments are just a few examples where a custom application or unique SPD design may be required.  We welcome all requests for custom products, assistance with R&D projects, etc….

ANSI/UL Designation: UL recently updated the Type designations in the 4th edition as described below.

Type 1 – Permanently connected SPDs intended for installation between the secondary of the service transformer and the line side of the service equipment overcurrent device, as well as the load side, including watt-hour meter socket enclosures and Molded Case SPDs intended to be installed without an external overcurrent protective device.

 Type 2 – Permanently connected SPDs intended for installation on the load side of the service equipment overcurrent device; including SPDs located at the branch panel and Molded Case SPDs.

 Type 3 – Point of utilization SPDs, installed at a minimum conductor length of 10 meters (30 feet) from the electrical service panel to the point of utilization, for example cord connected, direct plug-in, receptacle type and SPDs installed at the utilization equipment being protected. See marking in 80.3. The distance (10 meters) is exclusive of conductors provided with or used to attach SPDs.

 Type 4 - Component Assemblies – Component assembly consisting of one or more Type 5 components together with a disconnect (integral or external) or a means of complying with the limited current tests in 44.4.

 Type 1, 2, 3 Component Assemblies – Consists of a Type 4 component assembly with internal or external short circuit protection.

 Type 5 – Discrete component surge suppressors, such as MOVs that may be mounted on a PWB, connected by its leads or provided within an enclosure with mounting means and wiring terminations.

Please read our explanation of Short Term Overload Ratings here so you can get a better understanding of this important information.  Feel free to give us a call any time if you have any questions or would just like to review the information we have provided.  




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The topic of "Understanding Short Term Overload Ratings for Meter Socket Adapters" can be a really confusing concept.  On top of that, there are some companies that can be very misleading in the information they provide regarding this
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