UL 1449 3rd Edition

Technical Information & White Papers

Meter-Treater's Communication Line Product Catalog includes Surge Protectors designed to protect Telephony, Coaxial, Data and Signal Communication Lines.

Communication Line Surge Protection

Meter-Treater's Product Catalog includes Surge Protectors designed for Commercial and Industrial Applications.

Commercial & Industrial Surge Protection

Meter-Treater's Product Catalog is designed specifically for Utility Surge Programs and Utility Equipment Protection. Inside you will find Meter Base, Hardwired and Point-of-Use Surge Protectors, Revenue Generating Programs, plus Sales & Marketing Services.

Surge Protection for Utility Surge Programs

Meter-Treater's Product Catalog is designed for Electric, Gas and Water Utilities that need to protect equipment at their facility or in the field. Surge Protectors for SCADA Systems, Meter Modems, Lighting, Security and Alarm Systems, Office Equipment and more.

Surge Protection for Utility Equipment