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Meter-Treater offers a variety of hard-wired surge protection devices that can be used to protect specific equipment in and around your home. Pool equipment such as pool heaters, pool pumps and salt systems are particularly susceptible to surges due to their location outside of the home. 

Below are some ways Meter-Treater can help protect these sensitive and costly devices.


map pool pump

Pool equipment such as pool pumps, pool heaters and salt systems are costly to put in and costly to replace. In order to protect your investment, Meter-Treater suggests adding surge protection specifically for these items.

Most pool equipment will have its own electrical panel located somewhere around your home. This panel will be designated for your sensitive pool equipment. 

Meter-Treater recommends using either the RCHW Series or the MAP Series device to be installed at this panel for additional protection for this equipment. 

An example of this is seen in Figure 1. This is Meter-Treaters MAP Series device installed inside the pool equipment breaker panel at a home. 

Figure 1 - MAP Series installed inside pool equipment breaker panel

Another way to protect your sensitive pool equipment is to add protection inside the equipment itself (where possible). 

As you can see in Figure 2, the Meter-Treater MAP Series device has been installed inside this pool heater for added protection. 

surge pool

Figure 2 - MAP Series installed inside pool heater

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