When owning a home, it is important to protect all of your assets. Having unforeseen expenses due to loss of any of the larger "white goods" in your home can cause undue stress as well as financial strain. The best way to protect items in your home such as your washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, air conditioner and more is to have the added layer of protection provided by surge protection.

Two of the most crucial places to install surge protection would be at the meter can and/or at your electrical panel. 

The meter can at any residential home is typically the property of the electric company. Make sure to call your electric company first to get approval to install one of these devices. Or better yet, your utility may already provide a surge protection program with the added benefits of an extended warranty for your "white goods". 


Meter-Treater offers four meter-based units to accommodate a variety of needs and applications.

For the standard, 200amp, residential home service, Meter-Treater offers the 400-1SL series device or the 575-1SL series device. Both of these devices provide the same protection. The difference being the "standout" or how far the unit sticks out from the meter can. The 400 series device is a standard profile and will stick out about one inch farther then the 575 series device which is the low profile version.


For larger homes that have 320amp service, Meter-Treater offers the CL320 meter-based device.  This unit comes equipped with extra heavy-duty jaw blades and can handle currents up to 320amp continuous.

Even though rare, Meter-Treater also offers a meter-based unit for a 120/208 volt, 3-phase wye, 200amp service. This device is the 675 series and comes with additional jaw blades to accommodate this type of service.

Meter-Treater also offers two "wired" surge protection options that can be installed at the meter can in lieu of the meter-based options.

The MAP Series device is a "one size fits all" petite surge protection device that can be installed inside the meter can. This device provided the same type of protection as the meter-based surge protection devices.

Meter-Treater has an additional "wired" surge protection device called their RCHW Series. This device would be installed on the outside of the meter can with the wires through a "knockout". This device also provides the same type of protection as the meter-based devices.


The same two wired units from above that can be installed at the meter can, can also be installed at the breaker panel in a home. 

The MAP Series device is a "one size fits all" petite surge protection device that can be installed inside the breaker panel and gets wired directly to the main power in the breaker panel. This device can also be mounted on the wall right outside of the breaker panel

The RCHW Series can be installed on the wall outside of the breaker box

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