Meter-Treater has been working with electrical utilities across the country since its beginnings in 1986 to help create long lasting, successful and effective surge protection programs. 

Utility surge protection programs consistently creates

  • Increased monthly recurring revenue streams

  • Higher customer satisfaction



Utility Program Manager

Meter-Treater has utility program experts on staff to help with all of your needs. Whether you are just starting a program or looking to revamp your existing program, we are here to help every step of the way.

Marketing Services

Meter-Treater knows that a successful program is one that is marketed correctly and often. We offer full marketing services including custom designed marketing tools and high quality printing.

Training Program

The more you know, the better your program will run. Meter-Treater offers in-house, on-site or virtual training for all of your staff and departments. 

Warranty Support 

Our warranty department is here to support you and your customers every step of the way. We offer fast turn around times and full evaluations. 

Quality Control

Our products are not only assembled in our 30,000 sq. ft facility in South Florida, but we also manufacture our parts here as well. We have complete control of our products from start to finish and guarantee only the best quality in the industry.

Proven Quality Products

We have surge protection products that have been in the field for over 20 years. Our products have been proven time and time again to offer superior protection against the toughest surges. 

Come Visit Us

We love when our customers come to visit us. We welcome you to come to our 30,000 sq. ft. facility in South Florida and see for yourself where we not only assemble but also manufacture all of our products.

High-Energy Electrical Lab
meter side 2.jpg

Our lab is capable of replicating all the same testing as UL 1449, UL 414 and additional tests which enable us to continuously develop our product line. We encourage and welcome, utilities to perform their own comparison testing using our high-energy electrical lab.