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Meter-Treater Meter Base Surge Protector's are compatible with Utility Smart Grid
Systems and electronic meters.

 AE Products Electric Utility Meter Supplies

Low Profile Meter Base Surge Protector
The 575 Series Low Profile Meter Base Surge Protector stops surges right at the electric meter before they can enter the house. The 575 is based on a proven design that has been in the field since 1987.

Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

5th Jaw Version for Utility Meter Networks

Listed to ANSI/UL 1449 3rd Edition.

Meter Base SPD for Utility Surge Programs
The Model 400 Series Meter-Base Surge Protector is a derivative of the original 1987 design, with twin red LED's to monitor unit status. The 400 Series is designed as a "Whole House Surge Protector".

Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

5th Jaw Version for Utility Meter Networks

Listed to ANSI/UL 1449 3rd Edition.

Class 320 Meter Base Surge Protector
The Model CL-320 Meter-Based Surge Suppressor is designed for Class 320 Amp Continuous. This unit is ideal for both Residential and Light Commercial Applications.

Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

Listed to ANSI/UL 1449 3rd Edition.

Three Phase Meter Base Surge Protector
The 675-3PA three phase secondary surge arrestor is designed for 240 Volts phase to ground and has a surge current rating of 57kA per phase (171kA total).

Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

Listed to ANSI/UL 1449 3rd Edition.

Meter Applied Surge Protection Device         Hard Wire Surge Protectors
MAP: Meter-Treater’s MAP Series represents a new era in Surge Protection with “smart sensing technology” that distinguishes between surges and overcurrent events. The inventive design, performance and universal application features of the MAP, makes it the ideal choice for Commercial and Light Industrial applications.

Specification Sheet - Single/Split Phase
Specification Sheet - Three Phase

Installation Manual - Single Phase
Installation Manual - Three Phase

UL 1449 3rd Edition SPD for Type 1 or Type 2 Locations

Hard Wire Surge Protection Devices RCHW        Hard Wire RCHW Surge Protector in Poly Housing
RCHW:  The RCHW Series provides high-energy surge protection and optional RF filtering for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Remote Site applications. These hardwired units provide superior control over transients by delivering low clamping voltages combined with high surge energy handling capabilities.

Specification Sheet - Aluminum Housing
Specification Sheet - NonMetallic NEMA 4X Housing

Installation Manual - Standard Device

UL 1449 3rd Edition SPD for Type 1 or Type 2 Locations

Modular Surge Protection Device

MST: The patent pending MST Series is a modular, parallel installed, SPD (surge protection device) designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Models are available for all standard electrical services and provide 50kA of surge energy handling per phase. This rating is 5 times the energy handling of the IEEE's highest Category C location rating of 10kA/20kV using an 8x20µs waveform.

Optional Polycarbonate Housing shown above

Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

UL 1449 3rd Edition SPD for Type 1 or Type 2 Locations

Secondary Protection 
Today's personal and business lifestyles demonstrate how integral electronic equipment has become to our standard of living.  Everyday we use computers, telephones, facsimile machines, networks and home entertainment equipment.

Design your own Point-of-Use POU Kit!

This equipment contains sensitive microchips or circuits that are easily damaged by surges.  Many of these surges are created within a home or facility. S
ervice entrance SPDs can not furnish protection to safeguard sensitive electronics from internally generated surges, so additional levels of protection, such as high quality secondary protectors, should be placed on all equipment and systems deemed valuable. View the Point-Of-Use Specification Sheet.

Utility Equipment Surge Protection 

Surge Protection for Meter Modems

SLT Series for Meter Modems

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression for standard low speed data (25MHz max), communication and signal line protocols.  Unit provides protection against Transient Voltages that exceed the nominal operating voltage of incoming data.  Each line is protected against surge current impulses up to 10kA, depending upon circuit configuration.

The SLT Series works in series with the communication lines being protected, diverting harmful transient energies while maintaining a tight clamp at the peak voltage.

Specification Sheet

Din Rail Surge Protection Devices
TST: The TST Series is a Surge Protection Device that is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from the harmful effects of transients and RFI/EMI interface. Models are configured for either parallel or series installations and can be either din rail or wall mounted.

The TST Series is ideal for SCADA Systems, ADVC Controls.

Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

UL 1449 3rd Edition Recognized Component for Type 2 Locations

Din Rail Surge Protection
Integrated Security Protection System
The ISPS Package represents a total surge protection approach for intelligent transportation systems (ITS), law enforcement and military agencies or any public or private operation concerned with uptime performance and reliability of their security monitoring and control systems.

M-Ti’s ISPS Package provides a high level of operational security to the cameras, computers, monitors, recorders and cables encompassing the modern surveillance system.

Specification Sheet

 Product Catalogs
Utility Surge Protectors

Surge Protection for Electric Utilities
Meter-Treater's Product Catalog is designed specifically for Utility Surge Programs and Utility Equipment Protection. Inside you will find Meter Base, Hardwired and Point-of-Use Surge Protectors, Revenue Generating Programs, plus Sales & Marketing Services.

Utility Product Catalog - PDF Version
Utility Product Catalog - HTML Version

Individual Specification Sheets for Utility Programs

Utility Equipment Surge Protector Surge Protection for Utility Equipment
Meter-Treater's Product Catalog is designed for Electric, Gas and Water Utilities that need to protect equipment at their facility or in the field. Surge Protectors for SCADA Systems, Meter Modems, Lighting, Security and Alarm Systems, Office Equipment and more.

Utility Equipment Surge Protectors - PDF Version
Utility Equipment Surge Protectors - HTML Version

Individual Specification Sheets for Utility Protection
Commercial Industrial Surge Protector Commercial & Industrial Surge Protection
Meter-Treater's Product Catalog includes Surge Protectors designed for Commercial and Industrial Applications.

C&I Product Catalog - PDF Version

C&I Product Catalog - HTML Version

Individual Specification Sheets for C&I Applications

Surge Protection for Industrial Applications Whole House Surge Protection Surge Protection for Commercial Applications


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